So Fresh, So Clean – ARAMIS DEVIN

by Katie on June 22, 2015


After a couple of months of disappointing summer releases (and I’m looking at you, that less Extreme Spicebomb, and the not-so-intense Intenso) I’ve decided to go back and review a fragrance that, whilst not new, is going to be a revelation to some.

I can’t recall when I first discovered Devin by Aramis, but I was probably exploring the lower reaches of the fragrance departments at the time. Unlike parent Estee Lauder’s tent-pole Aramis, Aramis Gentleman and Gentleman Adventurer fragrances, Devin is usually consigned to a lower shelf with its counterparts from the Aramis Gentleman’s Collection – a range of reissued classic scents which also includes the citrusy, invigorating Life, and the warm, sensual JHL, amongst others.

1978 was the year of ‘Grease’ and Christopher Reeve’s first outing as Superman. It was also the year legendary perfumer Bernard Chant created Devin, which then went on to wow the Fifi panel.  A complex and sophisticated green chypre, Devin initially envelopes you in summer meadows and notes of lemon and bergamot, rounded out with some muted florals, but the fragrance really comes into its own on the drydown, when incense, amber, rich resins and leather come to the fore. Whilst remaining close to skin, Devin has good longevity, and even comes back to life after a roll in the hay, or an afternoon jog in the sunshine.

Unlike its heavy, masculine Seventies peers, Devin still feels refreshing, modern and youthful today, and even unusual in a market flooded with sport flanker variations on Cool Water’s aquatic, teenager-friendly freshness.

So the message here is that sometimes it’s good to ignore those high-profile launches, eye-catching point-of-sale posters, and offers of a free holdall. There’s gold on them there lower shelves, if you will only seek it out.

Aramis Devin is available from Debenhams priced £60 for 100ml

Review written by Lee Clatworthy (@bombfashion) for

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