Galliano’s Wraps, Fold & Form at Maison Margiela Fall’15 Couture

by Katie on July 9, 2015


If anyone was ever in any doubt regarding Galliano’s return to fashion from the wilderness of ‘boy done wrong’, they need only look to his recent Margiela collections, indicative of his unsurpassed talent and his place as the greatest living designer.


Maison Margiela, headed by Galliano, is on a roll. This Fall ‘15 couture saw a reason to see couture as a boundary pusher, an ideas influencer and a contradiction to the norm re form and grace. Galliano always leads the way. His complicated yet beautifully intricate ideas need examination. To the fashion insiders who can see this at a glance, it’s obvious. The neighsayers, not so. That sacking…’oh, it’s reworked and a juxtaposed ideology re couture. And see how the bow and the neck detail that contrasts is actually an incredible feat? And look at the back of that outfit’. With Galliano, you have to observe. Like good art needs to be carefully taken in. Similarly, his sublime design needs close examination and cerebral thought.  There is always a story, a hidden factor, a surprising and innovative cut and fold that’s contra-norm. That’s what makes him the master of cut, form and vision.


And in spite of Maison Margiela’s boundary pushing, there was sheer beauty. The cobalt blue eyes and dabbed kabuki like faces only served to hit-home that this couture collection was for no cling-to-the-norm girl. This was statement dressing for an aesthetic soul. For brave contrary women intent on showing their IQ rather than cleavage.

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