The Chap Olympiad 2015

by Katie on July 12, 2015

ChapOlympics 053

It was that day in July when the vintage hoards descended on an ordinarily private garden in the midst of Bloomsbury for the annual Chap Olympiad. That bastion of all things British that celebrates sporting ineptitude, immaculate dressing, gentleman and bounders alike. More points are awarded at games for swagger and a languid approach at games such as Catching the Bounder, Not Playing Tennis, The Three Trousered Limbo, Umbrella Jousting and The Pipe Smoker’s Relay.

ChapOlympics 046ChapOlympics 059ChapOlympics 040ChapOlympics 034

This year, Charles Heidsieck champagne house was present to provide tastings and ensure that toasts were conducted on the hour, every hour, to ‘Champagne Charlie’ the founder of the house. Bourne & Hollingsworth ensured a steady supply of Pimms and typically English cocktails such as Gin Fizzes.

ChapOlympics 057ChapOlympics 050ChapOlympics 069ChapOlympics 048

The coveted Gold Cravat was won by good sort, Edward Marlowe.

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