Must de Cartier Gold

by Katie on September 8, 2015

Must Gold

Must de Cartier has a special place in my heart. It quite simply is one of those 1980s fragrances that summed up the very tail end of the glamorous 1970s of disco and Cannes and film stars before it all went terribly wrong.(ie Thatcher and strikes and boom & bust).

When launched in 1981 it was the very epitome of luxury. A perfume that summed up how the other half lived. An oriental marked by a heavy presence of jasmine and vanilla underpinned by a rich and spicy galbanum – opulent, powdery and sweet.

Eager to stay true to the original formula and aura of the perfume, Cartier’s in-house perfumer, Mathilde Laurent, worked with fragrance company, Givaudan to conceive the Eau de Parfum that had been missing from the line for the last 30 years.

Must de Cartier Gold is refreshing in that it’s close enough to the original to be loved by those who originally fell in love with the fragrance and different enough to add a modernist edge. A largesse of white, creamy jasmine and osmanthus. There’s a redolent powdery sweetness and honeyed tone to Must de Cartier Gold that smells of quiet assured sultriness and sophistication. There’s still a faint green burst of freshness, though this is fresh, livened up by a jolt of blackcurrant bud. This is a women’s’ not a girls’ fragrance though. Not cloying nor screaming for attention, Must de Cartier Gold still has it’s distinctive 1981 personality but with a slender lip of contemporary kick to ensure a new audience of faithfuls.

Must de Cartier Gold EDP is available in good dept stores priced at £75 (50ml) and £105 (100ml)

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