Byredo’s Casablanca Lily is Lush with Eastern Promise

by Katie on February 2, 2016


Byredo, with its distinctive modernist rounded flacons and its air of Scaninavian haute class, has its legions of followers. They buy into the essence and the style of the brand and of its quirky perfumer-creator, Ben Gorham, (half Indian, quarter Scottish, quarter French Canadian) who grew up in Sweden and then, fittingly created and grew a brand, Byredo, based on the olde English meaning for redolence.

The distinctiveness of Byredo, however, lies in its ability to make the complex quite simple. A contemporary mishmass of ideas and influences that form the basis for each of its perfumes that distils the essence of a new breathe and new breed of wearer: Articulate and forward thinking. Undistracted by too many genres. A soul who applies and uses the brand to distinguish themselves as contemporary, artistic and clean. Clean is the byword for Byredo. Each of its fragrances (and I have tried many) seems to come with its own extract of Scandinavian clean air. Icy, crystal clear breath meets the raw verdant landscape with a healthy doze of wetness from nature. Even when crossing and merging continents, Byredo retains its cool aloof clarity.

Take a recent release, Casablanca Lily, launched in 2015. It’s hard core heavy Indian tuberose and spicy raw pungent cloves comes through with a bang, leaving hardly any time for the opening plum and gardenia to entice and relay their beauty. Despite being steeped in Mysorean, lush floral tuberose headiness with a dry husky spice that’s ever prominent, Byredo’s Casablanca Lily offers up pure unadulterated concentrated seduction in its clear watery base that’s made the brand the byword for sophistication.

Casablanca Lily heaves its bosom, brimming with lush promise one minute, Then, a splash of honey there, a doze of sweet, masculine tinged rosewood there, this changes pace. Casablanca Lily is a cross fertilisation fragrance, masculine meets feminine, Eastern promise and Scandinavian cool. Its difference is probably in the make-up. This is Swedish air blown through heavy with Asian influence, lying murkily in a sauna. Smokey joss sticks caught in liquid form. A heavy hitter and a new breed of bold.

Casablanca Lily from the Night Veils Extrait de Parfum collection is available from Harrods, Selfridges and Liberty priced £325 (30ml) and also from

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