Valentino’s Valentina Poudre. Classic Powdery Heaven

by Katie on February 25, 2016


Sometimes, new releases and even flankers can surprise you. I’ve always been a fan of the pretty and classic Valentina by Valentino range so was delighted when a new incarnation was recently released.

Valentino Poudre is all that good releases to market should be: in keeping with the designer, true to the brand heritage and its audience, a step on from the original release but still adding a nuance of interest to hook in newbies or sell product to existing Valentina’philes and all encompassing pretty.

Poudre is a pure puffy, powdery, airy delight that’s sweet, honed and balanced to perfection, bringing to mind layers of beautiful mille feuille deliciousness. On first spray it’s sweet dryness wafts of an old time classic fragrance not unlike that of Caron’s Narcisse Blanc. This is sweet in a very grown up non girlie manner. It has poise, elegance and is very assured but overwhelmingly classic and of good taste.

Perfumer Aurelien Guichard has hit gold with this limited edition. Which makes me ponder, why save it for such a short run? Poudre’s sweet dry addictiveness will surely have a legion of admirers.

Crafted from a core of terracotta powder blended through with creamy rich notes of tuberose and iris, Valentina Poudre is one of those cant-stop-smelling-it fragrances. Subtle and sophisticated, it is far from over-powering but gently intoxicating. Vanilla, tonka bean and sandalwood build the base of the fragrance adding yet more puffy airiness. Like Valentino’s outfits comprised of layers of organza tulle and chiffon, Valentina Poudre is memorable by its beauty, balance and femininity. A very grown up prettiness that reeks of old school class.

Valentina Poudre EDP is available in The Perfume Shop, John Lewis and House of Fraser stores priced at £61 for 50ml

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