CK One’s Summer is a Verdant Tropical Splash

by Katie on May 18, 2016


CK One owns Summer. Its blast of aquatic fruity or floral freshness, depending on the latest limited edition flanker is oft a welcome antithesis to the overt bergamots or rose layers that remain, quite rightly, ever popular when it gets mid way through the year.

Since the mid 1990s, CK One’s distinct appeal was its amorphous quality to blurry gender and make everything smell of sinewy youth and promise. To this day, CK One’s appeal is ever clear whether to the first early (now ageing) adopters to the burgeoning generation X(Factor) of today.

This summer’s release is a green haven of lushness, spilling forth the crunch and juiciness of green apples, zingy lime mojitos and ginger with its traditional aquatic squelchiness of Summer. Throw in a big floral note from Tahitian gardenia and fruity guava and layer on cedarwood, tree moss and sweet coconut milk for the dry down and you have an upbeat tropical paradise in a bottle.

CK One Summer’s appeal will be that grab and go factor whether it’s a holiday purchase, for post gym use or to chase away the big city blues when it’s hot & sticky. Its vibe is vivacious.

CK ONe Summer EDT spray (100ml) is priced £33 and is available from dept stores nationwide.

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