Jean Louis Scherrer 1970s silk chiffon dress

by Katie on December 1, 2017


I’m a massive fan of the less conspicuous couture houses that still reek of discreet, old-style glamour but have yet to be re-invented or re-imagined. Where there’s not a Kardashian in sight, nor a whiff of Alexa Chung or Rita (H)Ora.

Jean Louis Scherrer is one such house.

JLS was a former classically trained ballet dancer who then assisted under Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent (at Dior). His vision was one of elegance and fluidity, using sumptuous wispy chiffons and silks that skimmed or wrapped the body. Scherrer’s reign from 1962-1992 rivalled competitors such as Chloe and YSL , with the most feted of women of the day including Jackie Kennedy, Isabelle Adjani, Sophia Loren, Francois Sagan and Bianca Jagger wearing the label.

Jean-Louis Scherrer is also an extremely under-rated perfume house that still plods on in the background (which is no bad thing) awaiting re-invention. Jean-Louis Scherrer 2 is the most delicious, luxurious, old-school chypre that is my favourite fragrance of all time, so when I saw this piece on Ebay recently, I bid and won it. Yes, it was still an expensive buy and it is just the slightest bit too tight that awaits a ‘thin-day’ or rather ‘thin-evening’ for it to be worn. But oh, isn’t it gorgeous?

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Maj June 19, 2018 at 1:49 am

How much does such a dress like that cost? Does he still design?


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