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Katie Chutzpah defines herself as a ‘Lonwegian’.  Born and raised in Glasgow and back living there for the meanwhile, though having spent the majority of her life and career in the city she loves, London.

She is a seasoned fashion and beauty veteran with a long career in freelance fashion journalism, fashion production and fashion & beauty PR and Marketing, helping re-create, re-brand and creatively direct many of the high street’s biggest names in her senior ‘head of’ and directorial roles.

She cut her teeth in the eponymous Lynne Franks PR looking after fashion clients such as John Galliano, Katharine Hamnett, Harvey Nichols, Edina Ronay and the British Fashion Council (pre ‘Absolutely Fabulous’) and was actually there while clients such as Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders used this madcap PR factory and its personalities as a source of inspiration. LFPR has been a huge influence in her style and approach ever since.

Following redundancy from a high-profile marketing & PR role at the beginning of the recession in 2010, Katie was encouraged to write a blog by a few of her friends who seemed to appreciate Katie’s wit and modern-day, Mitford’esque type comments. They saw the potential of her capturing her thoughts as blog columns on fashion, beauty, art and culture plus a few ‘Tells It Like It Is’ slants. Never knowingly being without a point of view helps tremendously. As do cocktails and champagne/’trampagne’ and some good company.

Katie’s comments have appeared in the Sunday Times Style magazine as a weekly contributer to a regular column and she has been featured in Time Out as one of London’s top fashion bloggers.

Katie has guest lectured at Conde Nast College and was also on the British Fashion Council’s Blogger Panel (briefly formed by the BFC in Sept 2013).

Katie has been frequently nominated in various digital categories in the Fragrance Foundation Jasmine Awards, having won the ‘Best Digital Fragrance Experience’ category in 2013.



The blog says it all. Katie’s love for fashion, beauty, fragrance (she has a form of synaesthesia which means she can smell colours and textures), and the new in technology, photography, film and the arts ensures that there’s always something to enthuse about.

Katie collects vintage pieces from the 1920s through to 1970s and has a huge collection that includes Ossie Clark, Zandra Rhodes, Hardy Amies, Janice Wainright, Frank Usher, Jean Varon, Jean Louis Sherrer and Jean Allen.

Like most women, KC loves shoes and has an equally huge collection including Christian Louboutin, Nicholas Kirkwood, Rupert Sanderson, Lanvin, YSL, Dior, Gina, Valentino, Prada, Miu Miu, Roberto Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana. Ask her what her ideal pair of shoes would be and she replies, ‘The next pair.’

She’s also a huge soul and disco fanatic and grew up with brothers in the music industry.

KC Hopes

That she engages and entertains her readers. KC’s hopes that the new product releases, catwalk and new collection reviews, brilliant entertaining people she meets and the parties she attends thrill her readers as much as her. She also likes to sound off occasionally (who doesn’t?) and that’s why the ‘Barometer’ and ‘Tells It’ sections exist.

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