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You call that Street Style? THIS is the Real Thing – "Michael & Gerlinde’s World"

April 20, 2013

I’ve been ruminating a lot lately on the vast decline in defiant youth subcultures and tribes and about the differences between street style today compared to that in the 1980s.  These days it seems you can’t move without tripping over style blogs allegedly cataloguing street style or rather girls dressed nicely, at best on trend. […]

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Coming In From The Cold (and not a moment too soon) – John Galliano

January 18, 2013

They certainly picked a day to announce it. As London does its level best to go to for a snow wipeout, our stalwart fashion newshounds at Vogue were set to warm my soul to the very bone with the news that genius, showman, innovator, artist, creator and one of the greatest designers of the 21st […]

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Just STOP! with the Blogger Competitions why dontcha

December 5, 2012

It says as much about the PR and the client as it does about their attitude to social media and bloggers and how they are oft regarded as ‘landfill marketing’. What am I talking about? Why the increasing amount of promotional verbiage (and I do mean actual rubbish) that bloggers large or small, on or […]

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London Fashion Week, We Love You But You’re Bringing Us Down

October 10, 2012

London Fashion Week, we love you but you’re bringing us down. You should’ve been great this year, as world-class as our Olympian athletes, but you’ve shown yourself up by being backward and a little parochial in comparison with the other fashion capitals. It appears the BFC’s and selected PRs attitude to us ‘mere’ bloggers is […]

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Wild West Web? How the Smoking Gun backfired.

December 20, 2011

Sometimes in the blog and twittersphere certain occurrences make you reel. Take the latest spat that all began with newbie blogger but global doyenne of make-up, Kay Montano’s Wild West Web blog piece that was little more than a thinly veiled attack on bloggers as ‘blaggaz’ (gosh, it’s so down wit’ da kidz), making the […]

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Just Say No – When Brands/Businesses attempt to take advantage of Bloggers

May 17, 2011

These are blurred times we live in.   As the growth and impact of social media continues and the bloggers’ voice grows in decibel, so does the number of marketing and social media agencies, individuals and brands who will use the hazy line between advertising, sponsored posts and PR to their advantage. I also expect […]

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The trouble with an ASOS delivery…

May 10, 2011

As I sit writing this, I am still parcel less.  That is to say, that the ASOS purchases ‘speedy’ delivery I was looking forward to, can at best be questioned and at worst, lambasted. Yes, we all know and love ASOS; the constant supply of ever covetable goodies, the on trend fashion, the quality for […]

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Cheryl can go to Hellyl.

September 6, 2010

So perhaps it’s because it’s a rainy Monday. Or, because I’ve had meetings cancelled at the last minute. Or, because delivery companies can’t get their act together to actually, you know, deliver, and I’m on a deadline, but *this* little beauty has more than got my shackles up: CHERYL COLE on a VOGUE front cover […]

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August is a Wicked Month

August 29, 2010

It’s nearly over.  But oh what halcyon times we Londoners had.  ie. The single, sane, drink fuelled, non child carrying versions, of course.  Not the 4×4, child dropping off at small private school (in my road Goddamit), discussing the nanny and the new kitchen layout ones.  They’ve gone:  To Puglia or Greece or the Northern part of […]

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Superstyle Me!

August 24, 2010

Are you a stressed-out, slightly weepy, middle-aged mother-of-three with low self-esteem, a sludge-coloured wardrobe, who hyperventilates every time you visit Marks & Spencer or Kew? Do you harbour a secret desire to have sassy gay men pour you into a cheap tea dress, accessorise you to within an inch of your life, and then throw […]

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